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Digital Signage

Visual Communications System

Bardan Cinema offers a complete and qualified selection of digital signage products from Barco, a worldwide leader in high impact visual communications and integration. Through our strategic partnership with Barco across the Americas and Caribbean, Bardan offers solutions for all areas where digital equipment is required for content projection. Our professional sales and service team is available to meet your needs, from project design to installation and training.

Attractive visualization is absolutely essential to the customer experience. Imagine an inviting business area with attractive visualization technology allowing for targeted advertising messages that enhance brand recognition, build customer loyalty, or attract new clients – all of which lead to increased revenue.

Enticing digital signage displaying information about the news, weather, restaurant specials or hotel promotions is a great way to keep guests entertained while they are waiting at your check-in desk. And the possibilities go much further than your lobby: you can entertain your guests by creating a multimedia landscape in your sports bar or restaurant or by spicing up your club DJ’s show with kaleidoscopic video content. And attractive outdoor visualization can stimulate passers-by to enter your business.

Here’s how it all gets accomplished:


Media players
Our media players ensure 24/7 reliability and enable you to engage passers-by via personalized, interactive messaging and improve targeting for a maximum result.


Professional grade, narrow-bezel LCD displays, designed for tiled video wall applications in small to medium-sized control rooms.

X2O Image
Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is one of today’s major challenges. Whether you are operating in a business, entertainment or governmental setting, a reliable and easy-to-use way to present and distribute information is of utmost importance. Barco’s X2O platform is a powerful solution for improving internal and external communications. Including intuitive tools for content generation and distribution, the HTML5-based platform offers a way to bring relevant information to the various stakeholders (internal and external) using standard web technologies. X2O presents data in a graphical form that is easy to interpret – and it also offers interactivity for immediate action or collaboration. This way, you not only inform people, you actively involve them as well.

Your information, where you want it.

The X2O platform has been designed with the user in mind. The key idea is that information should be easy to manage, distribute, and interpret. Because it combines the creation of attractive graphical elements, the management of information, and the distribution and publication in standard formats such as HTML5, X2O gives users the greatest power and flexibility. And above all, the technical complexities are hidden behind the scenes, so users can focus on what is really important to them: the information!

Ready-to-digest data
With X2O, users can quickly create and publish their own channels. Much like television channels, X2O channels are built with graphical tools and objects that present complex data in a clear and clutter-free manner, offering users the information they really need at just the right time. X2O channels can contain a multitude of media types, including video, graphics, charts, images, social media content, PowerPoint slides … or a combination of these. And because the content can link directly to corporate databases (like SAP, Oracle and SharePoint) or social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube, content on-screen is always live and up to date.

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